Cravnic Needle Sorting Machines


We have been manufacturing the Cravnic needle sorting machines for over 50 years and over that time our machines are generally accepted as a highly accurate, low maintenance way of successfully sorting a wide variety of pulses, beans and nuts.


Our machines are used to sort pulses, beans and nuts by removing product damaged with cracks or holes, especially those caused by weevil or insect contamination.
With an extra addition to the waste mechanism they can also sort open pistachio nuts from closed.


The machines comprise a large inclined rotating drum lined with specially angled and spaced needles to mechanically remove beans and pulses contaminated with weevil or insect holes.
The machines are complete with an input tube, a waste chute and two output chutes suitable for bagging directly off the machine. Alternatively the machines can be easily integrated into an existing production line.


Our machines are simple, effective, highly accurate, offer low maintenance and, dependent upon usage, should last for 20-40 years with the only items normally needing replacement being the needleliners sheets, usually after several years.
The machines are very economical to run too, using only a small motor, and are designed to run for 24 hours continuously.


We currently manufacture two different sized models; the 1000M which can sort product at between 750Kg and 1000Kg per hour and the 1500L which can do so at between 1250Kg and 1500Kg per hour.


As standard our machines are supplied with a floor stand which raises the machine off the ground level by approximately 1.200m and full mesh guarding on all sides. Depending on the intended machine location and access to the machine (on a mezzanine floor for instance) the machines can be supplied without either the floor stand or full guarding. Please note that the machine can not be supplied without mesh guarding to the input and take off ends.

With an extra addition to the waste mechanism the machines can also sort open pistachio nuts from closed by using the same mechanical action only reversing the waste and output feeds.


Visit our Pea Sorting webpage for further information

Downloads - PDF files giving basic machine dimensions.
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